Why I love Aurora Evins

Today's post is a little different. I've decided I want to blog about both of my main characters and what draws me to them, starting with Aurora.

Aurora is best described as fiercely independent. As a creature of the night, she tends to be a loner. It isn't enough that being a vampire sets her apart from most of the world, but she's an extraordinarily gifted and powerful young vampire. She has only one close friend, aside from her maker, but she is extremely loyal to those she cares about. She's the kind of woman you would want to have as a best friend because she'd always have your back. Emotional scars from her past prevent her from trusting easily, but she desires a richer emotional existence, even if she won't admit it to herself.

Aurora has created success for herself in her work by channeling all of her energy into her painting. She makes a good living for herself because of this, but she can't help but feel something is missing. Aurora is very talented when it comes to her art, and she spends countless hours painting and filling the walls of her art studio/gallery called The Waking Moon.

Despite her exceptional abilities and unimaginable beauty, Aurora isn't nearly as confident and happy as she appears to be. She longs for the same things in life that most humans long for: love and acceptance.

Aurora is a really great character to work with because she is so fearless to those on the outside. She says what's on her mind, and does as she pleases, despite what anyone else thinks. She has built walls, both mentally and emotionally, to protect herself from getting hurt, but finds that she's completely powerless against Trey and his sincere, albeit lazy, half-smile.

At times Aurora worries that she is losing herself by getting caught up in Trey's world. She must learn to trust and let go in order to realize that she's actually finding herself instead.

Aurora's life gets even crazier as she and Trey embark on the next stage of their journey together in book 2.

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