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Its The End of The World Blog Event


Time for another blog event, people!

I'm happy to be participating in this amazing blog event at Place of Reads. My post will be up on December 8th, but the event runs December 6-23. I answer a fun fill-in-the-blanks interview and will be giving away an eBook of Blood And Guitars. (Don't forget, you can now get these digitally autographed by me regardless of what format the eBook is in at .)

You can help me, and all the other amazing authors who are participating in the event spread the word by sharing the button above on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you see fit.

Thanks to Cana at for the chance to participate.


NA Alley Interview - New Adult is the new genre.

Or is it?

Books that fit this age group have always been around, but they are just now getting the correct label, if you're into labels.

NA Alley New Adult blog site

I'm happy about the New Adult category getting some recognition. It doesn't really matter if publishing companies pick up on this, since it's the readers who are really in control these days anyway, right? I thought so. Anyway, I came across this incredible site called NA Alley a while back and wanted to get involved to help spread the word about NA. LG from NA Alley was amazing enough to interview me and the post went up today. Check it out at NA Alley.

A big thanks to LG and the rest of NA Alley for the support! You guys rock!

3 More Tour Stop for Me Today!

Today is the last day of the week-long Blood And Guitars tour!

It's been a wild ride, and I've loved every minute of it.

Tomorrow brings it's own kind of crazy.

Tomorrow is the official book-blitz release of Immortals And Melodies. While the book has been doing great, staying in the top 100 of 1 or 2 Amazon categories on and off, tomorrow is the day we really spread the word!

But for today, the first stop is at My Guilty Obsession. There, you'll find a guest post, an excerpt of Blood And Guitars, the blurb for books 1 and 2, and a review for Blood And Guitars. Head on over and check it out!

My Guilty Obsession

Up next is an Interview with Yours Truly at Simply Infatuated.

A big shout out to the mods/owners of all of the blogs that have supported me by letting Blood And Guitars stop on the tour. It's been an amazing experience. Also, Roxanne from Bewitching Book Tours is the absolute best!

Interview at TheFullFang!

The Full Fang interviewed me yesterday as part of my book tour.

Blood And Guitars on book tour vampires

Here's a little taste of the interview:

BT: What inspired you to write your first book?

HJ: I was lucky enough to travel to historic Europe when I was 16. I’ve always been fascinated by the dark ages and medieval history, but visiting the castles and historic landmarks really inspired me to start writing about it. I wrote my first novel, The Rift, because of that trip. I can still remember exactly which chapters in the book were written on the long plane-ride home

BT: Which do you prefer to write – full length novels or short stories?

HJ: I’ve always been prolific so I tend to write only novels. Even as a kid my stories grew and grew until they were considerably too long to call a short story BT: Do you have a specific writing style?

HJ: I think I write at my best when I write in first person point-of-view, but aside from that, my author’s voice is uniquely me and doesn’t change from story to story

BT: How do you come up with the titles for your stories?

HJ: My husband named my first novel, The Rift, which I didn’t publish until after I was married. The Blood And Guitars series was easy, since I was just combining my love for music and vampires, and I wanted the title to be catchy and edgy. I get a lot of comments about how much people love the title, and I’m just happy people have the same passionate response to it that I do. After I chose Blood And Guitars, the other titles for the rest of the books in the series just came naturally

For the rest of the interview, visit TheFullFang.

Also, you can do me a favor by spreading the word to your reader friends with the social networking links below. Thanks!

Blood And Guitars Goes On Tour

A book tour, that is.

I'm very excited to announce that I've teamed up with Bewitching Book Tours for a week long tour for Blood And Guitars. With the release of Immortals And Melodies right around the corner, (22 days to be exact) it just seemed like the natural thing to do.

The tour will begin on June 4th and run for a week. I'll be making stops at several blogs along the way. Also, we'll be doing a one-day book blitz for Immortals and Melodies on June 12, just two weeks after it's Kindle release. I'm very excited to take part in the tour, and to be working with Bewitching Book Tours. I'll be asking for help to spread the word when the time comes.

For now, you can check out the Bewitching Book Tours blog here.

I'll post an update with more details about the tour as soon as I have them.

The Same Six Questions Interview

Andy Rane was kind enough to interview me over at his blog today.

It's The Same Six Questions with yours truly.

In the interview, I answer questions such as "What was your first lengthy piece of fiction?" and "If you could meet one of your characters in real life, which would it be?" and more.

For the interview in its entirety, hop on over to Andy's Blog.

I want to thank Andy for the chance to participate in his Same Six Questions interview series. The questions were fun and thought-provoking.

*Side note: I missed posting a Guitar of the Week this week, but it's only because I've been doing so much work on Immortals And Melodies. I'll be leaving town in a few days for Spring Break, but I'll try to post while I'm gone. Until then! Photo credit: Immrchris.