Why Have More Than One Book Trailer?

There are so many reasons!

First of all, they are way too much fun to make. They'll be even more fun to make when I get my new computer next week and can crank one out in under an hour. But mostly, I wanted to make a second trailer to highlight the story from Trey's perspective.

Since Blood And Guitars is told from both main characters points of view, I thought it was important to give each of them, Trey and Aurora, a chance to have a trailer based on their unique perspective of the story and the other characters.

Trey's take on what's happening in the story is unique to him, his personality, his past, the people he surrounds himself with and cares about, and his dreams for the future. It only makes sense to let that show in video form as well.

You can find the video embedded permanently here on the site under Book Trailers. It's also on my youtube channel which can be found here.

Next up, Aurora's book trailer. Check back soon for it!

For now, enjoy Trey's trailer: